ქართული ვერსია


APLR is one of the successful organizations in Georgia. Its revenues continue to be stable and adequate to the growing pace of various APLR operations. Initially more dependent on grants, APLR has diversified its activities to achieve increased level of cooperation with public and private sectors in an effort to accomplish sustainability of the organization.

In its day-to-day activities APLR tries to achieve a complete transparency, thus contributing mutually beneficial cooperation with various stakeholders. 

Modernization of financial procedures and activities is one of the main priorities of APLR, to ensure order and transparency in and out of the organization. For the adjustment to internationally recognized standards and procedure formalization, APLR elaborated Financial Manual in close cooperation with international experts.

Internationally recognized auditing companies regularly access APLR operations and check whole range of its activities against established internal and international procedures. Regular consultations with external auditors and consultants, as well as increasing qualification of APLR staff contribute to the constant process of improvement, openness and transparency.

APLR Financial Accounting Manual
2009 Audit Report
2009 Balance Sheet
2009 Income Statement
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2008 Balance Sheet
2008 Income Statement
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