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For Sale


Land Parcel in Bakuriani

On Didveli, next to Tatra

7 483 Square Meters

Price: $ 30  Per 1 Square Meter

TEL: 995 599 11 55 41

E-mail: marikal@aplr.org

Bakuriani, Borjomi District (Georgia)

Area: 7,482.5 sq.m. (0.75 hectares) or 1.88 acres

Land Category: Agricultural Land (hayfield)

Status: Private, registered at National Agency of Public Registry. 

Cadastral codes:;;

Construction planning:

-  Permitted coverage area by construction (K1=0.4): 40% of the land plot – 2,993.00 sq.m.

- Construction volume for buildings (K2=1.6): up to 11,972.00 sq.m. of living space (excluding terraces, balconies, underground garages, etc.)

- Façade decorating standard: natural materials such as stone, timber, etc.

Access to communications:

Water and Sewageavailable
Electricity sourceavailable
Gas supply source
– available
Telephone and Internetavailable

Google Earth: 41°44'0.85"N, 43°31'57.98"E   (To locate the area please copy the coordinates into the ‘Fly to’ search window in the Google Earth)

Property Description

Land plots are located in the small town of Bakuriani, a popular skiing resort in the Borjomi district of Georgia.  Bakuriani is located at an elevation of approximately 1,700 meters (5,576 feet) above sea level.  It is a very famous skiing resort not only in Georgia, but the Caucasus region as well.  Bakuriani is also a very active summertime resort for children due to its ecological environment.  Bakuriani has been nominated as a candidate for holding Winter Olympic Games in 1988 and 2006.  Interest of local and international investors has recently increased due to tourism infrastructure development activities encouraged by the government as well as growing land and real estate prices.  The land plots are situated in the heart of the Bakuriani’s Didveli sports and recreational zone, master plan for which has been recently developed and accepted by the state authorities to regulate construction developments in the area.  Next to the land parcels, the Didveli master plan includes development of a public recreational center.  The land parcels are also located in the vicinity of Tatra ski-cable base, which makes it a perfect place for the development of entertainment and recreational multi-functional center with hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc.  

How to Get There

It takes about 2 hours of drive in the summertime and around 2.5 hours during the winter season to go from Tbilisi to Bakuriani. The distance from Tbilisi to Bakuriani is 171 km (106 miles) and you need to take the Western highway right after you leave Tbilisi. When  ou reach Bakuriani, you need to drive about 500 meters on the central lane and turn right (southward) in the direction of Tatra and Didveli skiing facilities. After around 600-700 meters you will reach the destination.  Please use the map or consult with us for detailed directions.