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For Sale


Land Parcel in Kojori

26 679  Sq. M.


with Beautiful Views Around

Price: $ 400 000

                     Tel: 995 599 11 55 41                 

   E-mail: marikal@aplr.org

Kojori borough, upper Tbilisi (Georgia)

Land area: 27,000 sq.m. (2.7 hectares) or 6.75 acres

Land category: Non-agricultural land 

Status of ownership: Private, registered at National Agency of Public Registry.

Construction planning: Mixed Use

Access to communications: 

Water and Sewage– available

Electricity source – available

Gas supply source – available
Telephone and Internet – available

Google Earth: 41°39'35.26"N, 44°42'34.56"E  (To locate the area please copy the coordinates into the ‘Fly to’ search window in the Google Earth)
Property Description

Land plot is located in the Southwest outskirts of Tbilisi, the Kojori borough, just 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) or 20 minutes of drive from the capital’s downtown.  Kojori is a famous health-based resort, which has been operating since 19th century.  Its proximity to the capital of Georgia and ease of access via public transportation make it the best place during summer holidays for the Tbilisi commuters.  Kojori has become one of the best investment opportunities for strategic investors and large developers due to currently unfolding multi-million development projects in the neighborhood.  The fact that the land plot has a non-agricultural land category makes it more appealing as the construction on such plots do not require much hassle with permits.  The panoramic view from the land plot offers a beautiful landscape of Kumisi Lake.  Contours of the entire land parcel are delineated and fenced properly.  The land parcel can be used for a variety of developments, including a high-class residential complex or a group of hotels with entertainment facilities.

How to Get There

You need to drive southwest from the Freedom Square, passing the streets of Leonidze and Amaghleba and upward in the direction of the tallest Tbilisi TV/Radio tower.  Before getting there you need to turn right to the direction of Tabakhmela and Tsavkisi villages, pass both places and then turn left from the main road prior to entering the center of Kojori.  You will get to the destination after around 350 meters.  Please use the map or consult with us for detailed directions.