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Real Poperty Survey


Association of Professionals on Land and Realty (APLR)
runs professional training/certification program for real estate surveyors.

Real property surveyors’ professional training/ certification programs were elaborated by qualified experts, in conformity with international standards and local requirements and within the scope of USAID’s SME Support Project. 

Professional Training

Training program elaborated by APLR will enable trainees to get theoretical knowledge in the field of cadastral survey, acquire practical skills, be prepared for certification and get surveyor’s profession. Training program will be led by practitioners and high qualified specialists working in real estate field, such as Alexander Gvaramia, Sergo Tsikarishvili, Temur Kiknadze, George Onashvili, Nodar Matiashvili, Nodar Kavelashvili, Irakli Sarjveladze, and others. Interactive lectures, practical exercises and case studies will be used in the process of training.

After completion of the program trainees can undergo professional certification and get respective certificates in accordance with international standards.

The price of training is GEL 590 (including VAT).

Professional Training Program for Real Estate Surveyors


I. Legal Aspects of real property; processing cadastral data, registration  

· Purpose of title registration to real property

· Agency implementing title registration; legal bases for registration

· Real property definition

· Parties participating in registration

· Preparation of registration documentation, terms of validity

· Registration fees

· General information on land reform

· Land parcel definition, agricultural and non-agricultural land

· Property taxes on land

· Multiunit building; individual property

· Linier building

· Cadastral survey and encoding

· Description of cadastral sketch (hard copy and digital version)

· Instructions for

· Systematic registration

· Cadastral plan and map


II. Survey; computer software for survey 

·  Geodesy and cartography; survey

·  Shape, scale, aerial imagery, orthophotos

·  Coordinate systems, survey methods

·  Sketch and map; symbols in survey, projection, map nomenclature

·  Basic geodesic nets; equipment for survey

·  Software for survey; short course in Penmap

·  Topological survey (field work)


III. ArcGIS program for cadastral survey 

·  GIS systems

·  Data depiction

·  Requirement for databases; selection

·  Spatial data; processing

·  Tables; processing

·  Data editing

·  Geo-referenced data; processing

·  Practical work


IV. GEO-CORS Theory and Practice 

Undergoing of APLR training program is not obligatory for certification.


 The program is designed for:

· Persons providing services on real estate market, as well as persons willing to start activities in real estate field;

· Employees of real estate and surveying companies;

· Any person willing to acquire real estate surveyor’s profession.


Program duration: training program lasts for 3 (three) weeks. Lectures are delivered five times a week.

Persons interested must fill up application form and together with the copy of ID submit to the APLR.  

Professional Certification

The aim of professional certification is to ensure Georgia’s real property markets with high qualified specialists and services corresponding to international standards. Certification program fully complies with the requirements of international standard ISO/IEC 17024:2006 – General Requirements to the Bodies Operating Certification of Persons.


APLR certification body is accredited at the State Body on Accreditation of Georgia – the Accreditation Center. The persons certified by APLR professional certification body will get certificates in accordance with international standards.

Certification program includes 2 stages - testing and practical work.


The price for certification is GEL 400 (including VAT).


For additional information, please, contact: 

Certification Center of APLR Professional Certification Body
# 1 St. Nikoloz/N.Chkheidze Street, Floor I
Tbilisi  0102 Georgia
Contact person: Natia Makharoblidze
Tel: (995 32) 2 10 62 72 
Mob: 899 2 219 199