ქართული ვერსია

Our Message

Development of land/real property markets and professions related to real estate field, establishment of competitive and transparent environment for the professionals involved in real estate markets, facilitation to the proper development of land/real property cadastre, development of movable and immovable property and business valuation fields, facilitation to brokerage activities are the priorities of the Association of Professional on Land and Realty. 

Association of Professionals on Land and Realty, established in 1996, is one of the successful organizations in Georgia. APLR services are acquired by prominent businesses, foreign and local, as well as by large international donors. APLR successfully cooperates with the Parliament, Government, local authorities and various NGOs.

The range of APLR services is constantly increasing. Through this web-page APLR clients and partners can get detailed information on APLR activities and projects, as well as on services offered by the organization to its customers.