ქართული ვერსია

Policy Development


Status: Completed

Full Activity Title: Implementing the Community-Based Economic Development Activities for Communities Empowered for Local Decision-Making Program (CELD)

Location: Autonomous Republic of Adjara

Activity Dates: September 12, 2005 – December 1, 2006

Source of Funding: Urban Institute

Project Abstract

Autonomous Republic of Adjara, southwestern region of Georgia, is to play an important part in the development of the country’s economy. The region, bordered by Turkey and Black See, is a junction of sea, railway, automotive and air means of transport and possesses a rather significant economic potential. Both Georgia’s central government and local authorities are attaching particular importance to the development of industry, agriculture, tourism and trade in the region.

To enhance local government’s economic development capacity, facilitate strategic planning and identify priorities, as well as to ensure community based economic development APLR carries out the project in Adjara aimed at elaboration of Regional Economic Development Plan (REDP) through public participation.  

To achieve project objectives APLR works in close partnership with local authorities, private sector, NGOs and citizens. APLR economic consultants review draft economic concepts, analyze existing reports, governmental programs, surveys and available data, carry out public opinion surveys; collect statistical data, prepare regional profile reflecting the problems, peculiarities and resources of the region and develop the criteria for the regional development.

REDP is being worked out through direct participation of the representatives of all levels of public administration, general public, businesses and NGOs. The plan reflects community needs and requirements, defines common vision of the target community, goals and objectives for priority needs facing the region.

REDP is subject to approval by the Government of Adjara. It is to become official document serving as a base for decision-making process and coordination of the activities of different stakeholders in the Region.

REDP is to be the first regional level document in Georgia elaborated due to effective collaboration of governmental and non-governmental sectors. REDP coveres the main activities that will take place in Adjara for solution both regional and rayon level problems in 2007-2011. Main priorities are tourism and infrastructure development, solution of ecological problems, small business development, re-settling population from the areas under the landslide risk and attracting investments.