ქართული ვერსია

Land and Real Property


Full Activity Title: Land Market Developmet Activities

Location: 52 rayons of Georgia

Activity Dates: May, 2001­– July, 2005

Source of Funding: USAID, Terra Institute

Project Abstract

Following the completion of the first stage of land reform in Georgia, under which over 1 million land titling certificates  had been issued, approximately 1,500,000 parcels of agricultural land still remained unregistered as for the year of 2000. Registration of these parcels was crucial for the development of land market and commercially viable agriculture.

USAID has contracted APLR and US-based Terra Institute to implement the following stages of Land Market Development Activities and complete the registration of rural land parcels in almost all regions of Georgia (excluding conflict zones).

Within the scope of the project APLR carries out works to complete initial registration of titles to over 2,4 million agricultural land parcels. For this purpose field cadastral works are implemented countrywide, registration information is prepared and public displays of cadastral and registration information are arranged at each sakrebulo for quality assurance of implemented works and for relevant corrections.

APLR aslo facilitates completion and improvement of legal and regulatory environment for increased real estate investment and development; provides public education related to land/real estate ownership; organizes various seminars, workshops and public meetings to discuss land registration and policy issues; develops cooperation with brokers, appraisers, notaries and registrars in support of strengthening professional groups involved in real estate market; issues the Landowner Journal covering the topics of landowners’ interest; offers legal assistance and advocacy to hundreds of landowners and farmers and implements the pilot project with regard to dispute resolution through arbitration and mediation.

To ensure agricultural land reform completion APLR also prepares draft law on privatization of agricultural land remaining in state ownership, initiates privatization pilot projects in selected sakrebulos and develops pilot procedures for privatization of agricultural land remaining in state ownership.

The project plays a vital role in the development of property registration system and agricultural sector.